About Community Ventures Corporation

Community Ventures Corporation empowers individuals, families, new business owners, expanding businesses and non-profits through education, financing and technology.


Community Ventures Corporation (CVC) is a community-based, non-profit organization that exists to improve the quality of life for urban and rural residents throughout Kentucky.

CVC's central mission is to provide individuals and families with the skills, income, and assets they need to achieve financial independence. CVC helps people increase income and build assets with three main strategies: small business ownership, home ownership, and job creation through business expansion.

The CVC Story

Community Ventures Corporation is a resource to individuals and  communities seeking to increase personal and business wealth through affordable housing, job creation and entrepreneurial activities.  With offices in Lexington (Headquarters), Bowling Green, Campbellsville, Frankfort, Henderson, Louisville and Paris, CVC offers small and large business loans, and has a full range of home ownership products.

Since 1982, CVC has enjoyed many partnerships with local, state and national partners.  We partnered with the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development to establish our presence in Louisville and Bowling Green in recent years; we partner with the Commonwealth of Kentucky for neighborhood revitalization in East End of Lexington; we poured over $140 million into job creation and business expansion throughout the state; we work in rural Kentucky creating new employment opportunities through our offices in Frankfort, Henderson and Campbellsville; and we created a virtual learning program – eHome America – so hundreds of rural families can achieve homebuyer skills and move to their dream of home ownership.

We’ve helped thousands of homeowners and entrepreneurs start and grow their local businesses and move into their own homes. 

Be a part of the New Generation of Home and Business Owners!

Kevin Smith - President and CEO

Kevin R. Smith, President and CEO of Community Ventures Corporation, has been at the helm of CVC since 1993.  In that time, CVC has gone from one to seven regional offices; has gone from providing small loans for business start-ups to business loans from $500-$25M, and a full spectrum of housing services; and has gone from offering services in just several counties to state and nationwide.

His vision, to offer quality, affordable services and supports for people in all walks of life interested in creating personal wealth through home ownership, business ideas and job creation, has been a inspiring story.